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NorthStack Questions & AnswersCategory: GeneralHow do I deploy a NorthStack App?

How do I deploy a NorthStack App?


How do I deploy a NorthStack App?

Admin Staff asked 3 years ago
2 Answers

For official documentation on creating a NorthStack app, see the Getting Started Guide inside the NorthStack documentation.

Jeff Matson Staff answered 3 years ago

Step One: First, be sure you have create a Northstack Application.
Step Two: When you’re ready to see some of the changes you’ve made on your application you’re ready to deploy. Its generally a safe bet that you won’t want to deploy directly to your production environment, so lets give an example of deploying to your development environment. You may do this by runnning the following command…
northstack app:deploy "Initial Release" NorthStackExample dev
Where Initial Release is the name of this current deployment, NorthStackExample is the project name, and dev is your development environment.
Deploy App on NorthStack
Note that prod and test are other locations you may deploy to.
While the url you have deployed to will be displayed after a successful deployment, you can always find your environment url here

Admin Staff answered 3 years ago