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NorthStack Questions & AnswersCategory: GeneralHow do I deploy a Static site on NorthStack?

How do I deploy a Static site on NorthStack?


Aside from WordPress sites, can I deploy a static application?

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Step One:Create an app using the the static flag
Once we’ve successfully created a static application we’ll need to create a test page in the proper directory.
Either via CLI or your favorite text editor, create an index.html file in the following location…
touch /Users/user/Northstack/PagelyStaticExample/app/public/index.html
Create a Static File as a test
Then we deploy our app using three parameters…

  • title:title Release
  • name: Project Name
  • environment: Environment (prod, test, or dev)

Here’s an example…
northstack app:deploy "initial release" PagelyStaticExample dev
Deploy Static App
At this point we’ll need our dev url (if you don’t know how to retrieve that, refer to the article here)
We can then copy and paste the url into our browser…
Check Static Site

NorthStack Staff answered 3 years ago